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Thread: Loose/Light front end - not wheel bearing issue

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    Default Loose/Light front end - not wheel bearing issue

    My bike recently had a low speed collision with another bike. I T-Boned him. Our bike fell on the left side and mine drop on his bike. Only visible damage was a bent brake disc which was replaced. Left wheel fender also dented.

    A few weeks prior I also went to set my compression, damping and rebound.

    Recently I feel like the front end of my bike feels loose and light. Its super easy/almost effortless to turn the handlebar while moving. When coming to a stop, it takes slightly more effect to keep the steering wheel straight and not zigzag. When going past small humps or potholes, the front feels not stable like before.

    When cornering, any slight humps or bumps will make the bike slightly unstable.

    Usually when I do low speed turning (eg U-turn) of the steering wheel, I will turn it with at least some effort, push the handlebar etc. Now, I have to hold the steering in order for it not to over-turn or full lock instead. There is almost no resistance.

    Went to Unique Motorsports and Hong Leong, they test rode my bike and said it feels normal. Hong Leong also tightened my wheel steering bearing, but it still feels the same. Tire presure also checked and its fine. What else could be the issue?
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