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Thread: TW200 LTA Inspection Concern

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    Default TW200 LTA Inspection Concern

    Fellow TW200 Brothers,

    I just bought a TW200 from a direct owner. He is actually the 2nd owner and the 1st owner got the bike from a workshop already in this condition. Here's what was modified:

    Custom removed fairings
    Custom rear & front fender
    Custom head
    Custom LED Signal
    Custom switches signal relay /ignition
    Custom metal battery box bracket
    Custom thick foot pegs

    How my beloved TW200 looks like:



    Both owners do not have the stock parts for this bike and I was too excited about getting this bike I forgot to ask about this. Just went to a workshop nearby to change out the engine oil and the mechanic mention about the stock parts and inspection issue.

    Anyone has done similar modifications or have any advice for me on this?

    Thank you in advance!

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    The item most likely to cause your TW200 to fail an inspection will be the LED signal lights. They don't come stock on the TW200, is pretty obvious, and even with a flasher relay to work with LED, may likely flash at a rate different enough for the inspector to notice.

    The others are merely cosmetic and likely won't affect your inspection.
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