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Thread: Noob Needs Help - Maintenance

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    Default Noob Needs Help - Maintenance

    I am a new bike owner, and I know nothing about maintaining a bike. What do we do? Do we just bring it to the workshop and ask for "general servicing"?

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    the easy answer is, look at your bike manual under scheduled maintenance, and simply go mechanic and ask for the stated service at the stated mileage interval.

    if you do not have a copy of the manual, it should be easy enough to find on net and download.

    if you currently have a brand new bike, the key servicing that you should look out for is oil change at 1,000km.

    in general, most mechanics will ask you service more frequently than stated in manual. you want to believe them or manual is your choice. personally i always bear in mind the manual is from the actual manufacturer, and if their suggested service schedule not good enough they are essentially opening themselves up to lawsuit, so you cant go wrong with manual. nonetheless, at my own discretion there are some service i do more frequently than stated.

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