Hi guys!

I am riding Yamaha Spark t135(clutchless model) with the following specs:

- Yoshi pipe
- SPR racing CDI
- Keihin SP carburettor 28mm
- the rest is all stock

I have these problems after installing the carb:
- Idle rpm always high (@ 2.5k rpm)
- Whenever im stationary in gear 1, the bike will move forward. I will have to either press on the brakes now or change to netural gear to stop the bike
- Petrol will eat up a lot. I have to top up everyday now!! I understand that SP carb will consume more petrol but i dun believe it is this bad
- Pipe is extremely noisy and loud(sound is like bom boboboboomboombombombom) , sometimes on stop light i switch off engine to avoid nuisance to others.
- I just feel like something is wrong on my bike now after carb installation.

The carb is 2nd hand carb which was used on Spark also before. Can someone advise if this is just a tuning setting problem? or something else. Or maybe i was thinking SP carb cant be used on stock engine?? Ive switched back to stock carb now to avoid further problems. Really wna make sure everything is in the right place before i install SP carb again. I do not want to experience the same problem all over again as I am paying labour fees here. Please help. thanks alot!