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Thread: Yamaha MT15 XABRE / M-SLAZ

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    Default Yamaha MT15 XABRE / M-SLAZ


    Heard about this bike just a few days ago from another thread in this forum and today I saw this on Wing Yap FB page..

    Specs can be seen on these websites..

    My personal thoughts:
    Design - I like the headlights.. Small but looks aggressive.. Belly pan seem to be included unlike FZ or CB190R..
    Engine - Engine is basically the same as R15 but I don't know anything about sport bikes so I wouldn't know if it's any good..
    Tyres - 130/70 for rear..?? That's not very common is it..??
    Price - Priced around the same with CB190R I think..
    Name - Why got two names..?? Xabre sounds cool but M-Slaz..?? Hope Singaporeans don't call it that.. lol..

    I've been riding FZ16 for nearly 3 years and somehow feel the desire to change especially as my installment payment is coming to an end..

    What do you guys think, would this be a downgrade/upgrade from FZ16..?? Or pretty much the same..??

    There's probably not even one on the road yet but just posting anyway to hear your two cents..

    Update: 05/03/17
    Quite a few shops have started selling and a few accessories can be seen on carousell and speedzone..
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