Dear Friends,

RE: Local Newbie Night Trail Is Back...

Instead of organising my Bdae Trail @ Tea-M on daylight, I'll be doing it at night @ North area. I've recced the area yesterday and its simpler and fun. New riders can join in too. All are invited except for the farker who had reported to the police suspecting me of deflating his WR200 tyres @ Pasir Ris. Names are not mentioned.

Til then, Ride Safe & C u there....

Event: Bro_Isk Pre-Birthday Trail - Newbie Night Trail
Date: 22 November 2008, Saturday.
Time: 8.00pm
Location: Jalan Kayu (Thohirah/ Cafeelah) Prata Shop - First Prata Shop Near Jalan Kayu TPE Exit.

any enquiries, plz pm or sms bro_isk @ 92468571.