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Thread: Crime Alert 09/08 - Theft Of Luxury Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

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    Crime Prevention Message
    Crime Prevention Message
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    Default Crime Alert 09/08 - Theft Of Luxury Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs)

    Dear Sir/Mdm,


    Over the past 2 weeks, several thefts of luxury sport utility vehicles were
    reported across the island. The models targeted were the Lexus RX class,
    Toyota Harrier and RAV4. Despite being equipped with security systems, the car thieves had managed to compromise them and drove the vehicles away.

    2. The vehicles were discovered missing the following day after being parked overnight by their owners. On two occasions, broken glass was found at the scene where the vehicles were last parked. It is believed that the culprit(s) gained access by smashing the rear passenger windows before disabling the alarm system.

    3. While Police investigations are underway and patrols increased at affected locations, it is pertinent that owners remain vigilant and adopt the following measures: -

    a) Remove the ignition key and double lock your vehicle whenever it is
    left unattended - even if it is a short period of time;

    b) Do not leave your car key inside the vehicle;

    c) Consider fitting additional safety devices such as steering-wheel lock
    on your vehicle. Anti-theft devices should be regularly checked /
    serviced to ensure their effectiveness;

    d) Apply the Look, Lock and Leave method:
    Look around your car when parking; avoid parking at secluded areas.
    Whenever possible, park your vehicle in a well-lit area or prominent
    location where human traffic volume is high.
    Lock your vehicle and ensure that all valuables are kept out of sight.
    Leave your car secured and with a peace of mind.

    e) Be vigilant and keep an active lookout for suspicious persons loitering
    around car parks during the wee hours of the morning.

    4. If you have any information pertaining to the above cases, or wish to
    report any suspicious persons loitering at the vicinity of the car parks, especially if they are carrying items such as spanners, screwdrivers or hammers, please inform the Police immediately at “999” or at 1800 – 255 0000 for provision of non-urgent information.

    5. Thank you and regards.

    The above information has been reproduced with the permission of Singapore Police Force (SPF). Any feedback should be made directly to SPF at If you wish to report a crime, call “999” or go to any Neighbourhood Police Centre/Post or Nothing hereby signifies any endorsement of this forum by SPF.

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    Default Counter the theft?

    Is there any work shop that install those GPS system to locate the vehicle?
    or auto cut-off engine in 1km range? staff like that..?
    With every good wishes

    Mark C.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mark C. View Post
    Is there any work shop that install those GPS system to locate the vehicle?
    or auto cut-off engine in 1km range? staff like that..?

    U wan to install on ur car o on ur bike?

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